Our Vision.

Your work is our vision. At NPD Maintenance we aim to keep you working. Whether you require preventative maintenance and servicing or your digger is broken. Our vision is to provide fast efficient service and a high quality job to keep you earning. We understand that for you time is money and every day your vehicles, machinery or plant is down is costing you.


We a want to maximize our customers uptime by both minimizing breakdown risk and providing fast, efficient and quality repairs in case of a break down.

Our Services.

We offer a full range of mechanical services including:



Pre COF inspections

Brake relining and machining

Engine/Intercooler/Radiator flushing

Clutch adjustment and replacement

Hydraulic hoses

Hydraulic cylinder repairs

Gearbox repairs/rebuilds

Engine repairs/rebuilds

Minor and Major engineering


Our Solutions.

We offer a complete solution with strong relationships with other local companies.


We routinely arrange accident repairs, electrical out work, breakdown services with our own mobile mechanical services available 24/7 and virtually anything related to road transport or machinery repair.


We are open for the duration of the Lock-down for any essential service vehicle!!

Please follow all instructions respect the MOH guidelines.

Warren - 0273828385

Nick - 027 271 5333

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