General Maintenance

NPD Maintenance carries out all general vehicle maintenance operations. We have several qualified diesel mechanics with wide ranging skills. Our mechanics have experience in cars, trucks, light commercials, loaders, forklifts, excavators, auxilary hydraulic systems, engineering and fabrication. With our 8 full time mechanics with over 250 years combined experience, we pride ourselves on being able to overcome any issue you may have. We now also include our own in house Auto-Electrician for all electrical repairs.


Some jobs completed in the past include, servicing, brake repairs, trailer stretch to 23m HPMV standards, engine rebuild, head repairs, gearbox rebuilds, concrete plant maintenance, hydraulic hoses, rust repairs.


NPD Maintenance has a long running reputation for quality engineering. We have Historically built trailers and more recently stretched trailers to a high standard of finish. We have also been involved with several mobile workshop solutions.


We have our own skilled fitter welder capable of most engineering fabrication jobs.


All work is carried out to high standards and is signed off by a certifying engineer when required.

Brake Repairs

NPD Maintenance also operates Commercial Brake Services.


Commercial Brake Services is a mobile workshop fully equipped for the re-lining and repair of commercial truck braking systems. It is equipped with full riveting and radiusing capabilities along with both a truck disc lathe for machining truck discs on the vehicle, and a truck drum lathe. Our drum lathe is capable of taking a complete dual wheel hub and wheel set and machining as one unit. This removes any requirement to seperate wheels and drums from the hub. This also provides the truest machining parallel the bearing rotation which eliminates oval drums.


This service is available anywhere in greater Auckland.

Engine Flushing

Engine Coolant Services is a new venture targeting the 40-50% of engine failures as a result of the cooling system. It is commonly recognised by engine manufacturers to be of critical concern but is yet to reach such prominence in the repair market.


Engine Coolant Services will flush any engine coolant system with a hydro/pneumatic flush machine that removes rust, scale, chemical deposits and other contaminants within the cooling system. We then offer a coolant refil and monitoring program with an aim to save down time and money.


This system is capable of operation on Trucks, Marine, Stationary Engines, Earthworks and other similar engine platforms.