Oil Sampling +1

Recently had a job in the workshop that has again helped confirm the benefits of regular oil sampling. The truck presented for its regular service a few weeks ago. As it is on full synthetic oil and additional bypass filters we drew our oil sample, swapped out the filters, greased and adjust brakes and a safety check and sent it back on its way. A few days latter our oil sample results came back with a quite unexpected coolant indicator in oil and some advise to check the EGR coolers first. We advised the customer and waited for the truck to be made available. Fast forward a couple of weeks and the EGR coolers (there are 4 on this truck) were removed and inspected. Sure enough 2 coolers were bench tested and showed they were leaking. New coolers ordered and the others cleaned and through a tougher test, all back together.

The point being that oil sample probably saved the customer a much more expensive failure. If this truck had pushed all its water out and overheated it could have been a much more catastrophic failure. Especially as it is transporting time sensitive goods. This test spat out results based on 100,000's of other samples and would have been just as effective if it was only running mineral oil and standard servicing.

If your interested in oil sampling with your services, hit us up and have a conversation and we can see what the best option is for you.

Cheers, NPD Team

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